Thursday, November 14, 2019
50 artists responds to society's struggle to switch off at Somerset House's 24/7 exhibition

50 artists responds to society’s struggle to switch off at Somerset House’s 24/7 exhibition


In the first major exhibition dedicated to 24/7 culture, Somerset House presents “creative responses to this modern malaise” by more than 50 artists and designers, including Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg . Called 24/7 and billed as “a wake-up call for our non-stop world” the exhibition brings together the work of more than 50 international artists and designers, many of them special commissions. Awake by Tekja is one the projects featured in the exhibition Of these contributors, 10 work at Somerset House Studios, including Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, who presented Machine Auguries, a work that artificially recreates the dawn chorus. “Instead of […]

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