Online Exhibition of 100 Ideas of Seoul Public Art

  •  The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) announced that it will be holding an online exhibition entitled “100 Ideas of Seoul Public Art” from 9 AM on Tue, Jan. 12 to Mon, Jan. 18, 2021 on the online virtual gallery (http://covid-19-seoul-publicart-project.com/).This exhibition will allow visitors to appreciate the creative ideas of talented multi-disciplinary artists, such as painting and sculpture (installation art), exhibition and media facade (spatial art and exhibition), street art (improvement of urban environment), and community art (activities of local residents), but lack opportunities to show their talent due to the stagnation of the art scene, through their plans, photos, interviews, and videos.The online exhibition was planned as part of the “COVID-19 Seoul Public Art Project” to revitalize the art scene by supporting artists and expand citizens’ opportunities for enjoying art.The SMG accepted the ideas of artists in Sep. 2020 and selected 100 ideas through preliminary screening. The SMG provides the artists with activity costs as they passed each screening. A total of KRW 2.1 billion was provided, as more activity costs were distributed as they pass higher stages. In addition, a total of 500 sessions of expert consulting were offered, as 1-3 sessions were provided for each artist.Eight out of ten participants of this project are young and new artists under 40. The SMG is anticipating that this support will be a small but seasonable aid for young people who are promising artists.Experts will select 25 to 40 out of 100 pieces that will be exhibited online to install throughout Seoul (1-2 pieces per autonomous district) in the first half of the year.

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