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Matter of Stuff recycles last year's London Design Festival exhibition into something new

Matter of Stuff recycles last year’s London Design Festival exhibition into something new

Recycled materials can be used to make luxury products says Matter of Stuff, which has created its London Design Festival 2019 exhibition by repurposing elements of its show from 2018. Matter of Stuff – a London-based design and manufacturing consultancy and gallery – made the exhibition, called A Second Life, using 5,000 wooden dowels that were previously

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Public Art Exhibition on the Streets of Quebec

The 6th edition of Passages Insolites or Unusual Passages, has kick-started from the 20 th of June till the 14 th of October 2019, in Québec city. The public exhibition is a 4km walkable art path in the historic Petit Champlain and Saint-Roch districts, showcasing 14 artworks produced by 40 local and international artists and architecture collectives. The

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How design is being upended by the climate crisis

The Falls-of-the-Ohio scurfpea , a leafy plant with clusters of tiny flowers, used to grow on an island in the Ohio River near Louisville, Kentucky. No one has seen one in the wild since 1881 and botanists presumed it went extinct in the 1920s when a new dam inundated its habitat. But this year, the blooms came back to life—in a way. In “Resurrecting the

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